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  • STKR Concepts Revolutionizes Outdoor Lighting

    octobre 03, 2023 2 lire la lecture

    3 stage outdoor light install diagram showing that our Outdoor Flood Light is as easy as screwing in a lightbulb.
    Modern Light & Motion Technology - Effortlessly Upgrade Your Existing Flood Lights
    As easy as screwing in a lightbulb!  No wiring, no drilling, no tool install.    


    Troutman, NC - 10/03/2023 - STKR Concepts, a pioneer in lighting innovation, introduces the groundbreaking Outdoor Motion Security Light, offering a hassle-free way to modernize your existing outdoor flood lights.

    Many homes are equipped with outdated outdoor security lights, featuring dim bulbs, high electricity consumption, and no motion or light sensors. Traditional options for upgrades involve complex rewiring and specialist tools,  STKR Concepts recognized the need for a simpler solution.

    The Outdoor Motion Security Light screws directly into most existing outdoor security flood light fixtures. Its patent-pending screw-in system ensures easy installation, even in tight spaces or eaves, allowing precise mounting and sensor positioning.

    With 6000 True Lumens of wide-angle flood light, this light is more powerful than most outdoor security lights, and can illuminate any space brilliantly.  Remarkably, the Outdoor Security Motion Light consumes a mere 60W of electricity, making it far more efficient than conventional flood lights.

    This versatile light can be manually controlled as a standard on/off fixture, or set to automatic mode with motion and sunlight sensors. The adjustable sensors offer customized motion range, light timing, enhancing security and energy efficiency. Users can choose a basic setup where the light turns off and on with motion, or they can select the dual brightness mode.  In this mode, the light stays on at a low level to give continuous ambient light, but instantly floods the area with 6000 lumens if any motion is detected.  

    Notably, the light features a built-in USB port, eliminating the need for additional wiring for security cameras, simplifying your home security setup.

    The Outdoor Motion Security Light is perfect for homes, garages, barns, shops, and commercial buildings, providing an effortless upgrade to modern lighting and motion-sensing technology.

    Experience the future of outdoor lighting. The Outdoor Motion Security Light is available now. For more information, visit STKRconcepts.com or call STKR Concepts at 704-508-1031.


    PRESS CONTACT:   Aryanna Cannoy - Account Manager  aryanna.cannoy@stkrconcepts.com  Phone: 704-508-1031


    Note: Editors can download 300dpi photos & Press Release at:

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