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  • The Best LED Rechargeable Work Light with Tripod Stand

    October 25, 2022 5 min read

    TRi-Mobile area work light on a tripod by STKR Concepts illuminating two male workers in the process of installing new hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern. DIY home project after dark.

    For the construction professional or project hobbyist, a reliable and sturdy work light is a necessity. Fumbling with a handheld light, relying on a dim overhead light, or tripping over a cord should not be a part of the process in this day and age. 

    STKR Concepts provides the best LED rechargeable tripod work lights available on the market. We have a multitude of options and add-ons within our product line, meeting the needs of every customer. Getting top-of-the-line equipment has never been easier, with online availability ready for purchasing.

    Finding the right mobile work light will allow you to have a safer, more productive, and enjoyable time on the job or just enjoying the great outdoors. The goal of this article is to help you accomplish this task. Keep reading to learn more about the best LED work lights available.

    Importance of LED

    Whether your reasoning is due to environmental concerns or cost reduction, LED is the way to go. LED technology is highly efficient compared to nearly any other method of lighting. This efficiency will not only decrease your monthly energy bill, but will also reduce the harm done to the environment. LED provides a win-win route for those looking for affordable and responsible lighting options.

    And if it's a mobile light you're after, LED technology will greatly enhance your runtime.

    Benefits of a Tripod Stand

    Traditionally, work lights were either laid on the ground, providing minimal light coverage, or they were hung from a ceiling, providing dim light everywhere but often not bright enough right where you needed it. Using a tripod with your work light allows you to move and direct the light exactly where you need it, when you need it. This flexibility and specific coverage can make all the difference when safety and precision are needed. 

    The additional height that the tripod provides can aid in the safety of the product, keeping it away from items on the ground that may be flammable. Additionally, work lights that come with tripods may offer more versatility, with a removable option, allowing more capability of the light itself.

    The Best Tripod LED Work Lights

    Industrial construction TRi-Mobile poster

    TRi-Mobile Area Work Light

    For the best mobility, flexibility, and widest light range, the TRi-MOBILE is a wonderful option. This lighting tool hosts three LED light panels which can be rotated and oriented individually to illuminate an area 360 degrees like a lantern. You can also adjust those three light panels to all point at the same point creating a powerful spotlight as well. 

    In addition to the incredible lighting power that these 3 panels provide, the product also comes on an extendable tripod that can reach a height of 4 feet 8 inches when fully extended. If the ground is not the best place for your light, the tripod includes a mount that can be fixed to a wall or ceiling.

    The TRi-MOBILE can be used to illuminate a specific small area, or it can be used as a floodlight for a larger range. In total, 2000 lumens are available to create the best lighting for your working space. (For more information on lumens, review the following helpful article: Lumens).  But you don't have to use all 2000 every time as the brightness can be adjusted with 3 different modes and 2 color options are available as well. 

    This rechargeable LED work light has everything you could want, and more, and comes at a comparable price to similar products. The adjustable nature makes this perfect for any workspace.



    Fli-Pro telescoping light white studio poster with feature callouts

    FLi-PRO Telescoping Flashlight

    For a more versatile product, perfect for the on-the-go adventurer, the FLi-PRO flashlight is a great investment for a similar price to the TRi-MOBILE! Not only can this light be set up in a stationary manner with the use of a tripod, which is included, but it can also be used as a handheld flashlight. Like the TRi-MOBILE, the FLi-PRO also utilizes rechargeable LED lights to create the best value and best lighting experience.

    When magnetically attached to the top of the telescoping tripod, which can be staked into the earth, the light itself can extend up to 8 feet tall. You might wonder how you are to adjust the light or turn it on or off, with such a tall height. A wireless remote control is included for this very purpose! 

    In addition to the flashlight capability and tripod mode, the FLi-PRO flashlight can also be hung on a ceiling, for a strong canopy light over your intended workspace. The power utilized can reach up to 1200 True Lumens but can be dimmed if desired. Included as options are a blinking light for hazards and a red light for the best night vision, making it a great option for camping and similar activities. It even has a magnetic base, allowing it to stick to many metal surfaces.


    Mobile task light poster highlighting its ability to hang from a hook or be mounted on a tripod.

    The Mobile Task Light

    This light is more of an honorable mention as it doesn't come with a tripod, but instead is equipped with a universal tripod mount on the bottom giving it the ability to be fastened on top of an existing one.

    This handheld work light can also be set on the ground or hung from a hook. The Mobile Task Light puts out 1200 Lumens and has an adjustable beam that can be set to a focused-area mode or an ultra-flood mode.

    This work light is rechargeable with built in dual lithium-ion batteries that are charged up using a standard USB-C cable that is very commonly used to charge newer Android phones.

    The Mobile Task Light has a steel exo-skeleton that acts as feet and it also holds the aluminum head onto the body. The light head is able to rotate up and down up to 180degrees so you can get light aimed right where you need it.


    Final Thoughts

    When choosing a product that provides comfort, safety, and productivity to your life, it’s important to look at both quality and reliability. STKR Concepts has a strong focus on lighting and has been developing and distributing award-winning products since 2005. With extensive research and testing, they beat the competition with quality across the field while keeping affordability comparable to other products on the market. Their products are reliable, sturdy, and versatile, allowing a single product to meet various needs.

    STKR Concepts is a good choice for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. The TRi-MOBILE,  the FLi-PRO, and the Mobile Task Light are all great options and offer a variety of useful functions for your convenience and enjoyment. There are even more lighting options to choose from right here at stkrconcepts.com. Instead of going with another brand name whose main focus isn’t lighting, try out STKR Concepts and you will walk away thrilled with your experience.

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